Residence: The time during which a person resides in a place.

I moved to Florida in 1971 and lived in Martin County for eight (8) months and moved to St. Lucie County in 1972.  I bought my first home in 1975 in St. Lucie County (District 1).  I bought my present home in Port St. Lucie in 1996 which is in District 2 of St. Lucie County.  I have been a homeowner and paying property taxes every year for forty-three (43) years.

The most important issue to consider is to choose someone that, not only has lived in St. Lucie County, but participated in the development of existing structures, programs and laws of this county.

Elected officials of local governments have the responsibility to protect everyone living in the county or city. Politicians will make promises that have little chance of becoming reality during election time. They may be sincere, but without experience and knowledge of how governments operate, they may be disappointed.  Having worked in county and school administration, I understand the limitation of local government. However, I do know who to go to for resolution of such issues.

This is my interview with League of Women Voters. I invite you to take a few minutes and watch it:

A county commissioner has the fiduciary responsibility to protect the citizens of the county. Without keeping this in mind at all times, the future financial stability of the county is at risk. Increasing or decreasing taxes or fees without a plan to back up the change could cause some adverse consequences.

This county is at the door of future posterity given the proper development of the Port and Airport. These initiatives partnered with the efforts of the Economic Development Council will push this county through that door. The county and cities have land available for clean industry development, so the challenge is to make St. Lucie County a place where they want to establish their businesses.

The cooperation between the cities, county, school district and state representatives are crucial to accomplishing this goal. Without this continued cooperation, the future of developing this county will falter.

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Dan Kurek For St. Lucie County Commission District 2

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